Bespoke Driver Training

For over 15 years we have helped dozens of organisations to manage at-work road risks. And we have helped 1000s of drivers to achieve their driving ambitions. We can help you to steer a better course, too.

Driving courses

We will tailor advanced or specialist driving courses that are geared-up to your needs.  Your bespoke driving course will be pragmatic, educational, and enjoyable.  You’ll have fun learning advanced and defensive driving skills and techniques.  You’ll be challenged to learn how to become a better driver, and you’re likely to be intrigued by VIP protection and surveillance driving skills and drills.  If you’re a blue light driver you’ll want to learn how to drive quickly and safely.  Your trainer will be your mentor, explaining and demonstrating.

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eLearning & DVDs

eLearning is a flexible and accessible way to drive learning home, and it provides a great return on your investment.  DVDs accelerate progress along the road to becoming a better and safer driver.  In-person training has its advantages, but so too does distance learning from the comfort of your home or workplace.  Your Bespoke eLearning course or driving DVD will show you how to conveniently and most cost effectively achieve your driving ambitions.

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Are you planning on leaving the armed forces?  Trust us to help you resettle into civvy street through our popular ELC-funded driving courses in chauffeuring and VIP close protection driving.  You’ll not only enjoy practical driving training delivered mostly on road and track by respected experts, you’ll also benefit from understanding the marketplace for professional drivers.  During your Bespoke driving course you’ll learn how to secure a successful career as either an executive chauffeur or security driver.

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